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Recent updates

Update V13 (RoboC-049X)
A new helmet! RoboC-049X! This is like RoboC-049, but its helmet has improved for maximum durability! Also, some more basic changes. removed credit for old song...
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Update V12 (Chickensteel)
New in this update: Chickensteel armor & helmet! (Almost) just like medieval times! And also, small changes to main menu and 'leave' button. That's really it, b...
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Update V11 (Background changes & Bug fixes)
Hello! This update includes: Many new background changes! Not complete remade, but improved! Some 'majorly' changed ones: Green-code map! Lab map! Also, some ge...
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Update V10 (New helmet)
NOTE: IF YOUR WONDERING WHY A VERSION WAS SKIPPED - I really don't know why. Must have made a tiny fix and forgot. New helmet: Shy Chicken! A helmet that's a pa...
Update V8 (Small variation update)
Hello! New update yet again, after only 45 minutes: Blue-clown pistol! This is meant to make the game not as boring from 600-1250 gun range, adding in a gun at...
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Update V7 ( M o r e b u g f i x e s )
Alright, I am QUITE confident I have fixed MOST if not ALL major bugs. I promise this time, alright guys? Hey at least this game isn't popular...
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Update V6 (Music & more fixes e.e)
Again, more fixes, because, this game is a buggy mess, but I did add some new music! Finally! Basic update + music, really...
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Update V5 (Tons of huge bugs fixed)
Oof... So many horrible bugs, making it unplayable. Saving? Broken. Sleeves? Broken. Hotel? Trivago. Anyway, basically tons of bugs fixed, more than listed abo...
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