V1.01 (New content + Wave of bug fixes)


Added the Magmagun

Added 2 new bosses.

Decreased chance of loot dropping

Updated sprite of Tiger, Eagle, and Basic Pistol.

Added fade when you're about to go to the merchant in Endless

Fixed layering of some UI elements

Fixed slight description error

Fixed allies having less HP than the player

Fixed healthbars

Fixed cash count in Arsenal

Fixed certain types of bosses floating

Fixed zombie kill count to be 'safer'

Did not fix any bugs associated with /char.view

Purposely did not fix certain bugs that may give you a slight advantage


ChickenZZombiesFromHellWindows.zip 180 MB
Mar 19, 2022
ChickenZZombiesFromHellLinux.zip 180 MB
Mar 19, 2022
ChickenZZombiesFromHellMac.zip 194 MB
Mar 19, 2022

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